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About the company

An introduction to Active-Rest and its outlook on Fitness , Nutrition and Well-being. You will learn the link between the three and why its so important to invest time in yourself  to ensure you stay fit and healthy both Physically and Mentally.


The benefits for you

So if implemented what are the benefits for you and your day to day life. How can it stave off chronic illness and optimise your chances of a happy and healthy life. 


How you will be supported

One of the most important factors to achieving your health and fitness goals is accountability. Being accountable for your actions to someone is going to make you much more likely to follow through and get things done when the motivation wanes. Find out how I will do all I can to make sure you finish what you started. 


What to expect from your membership

How will you receive the content, what will the content be, what will the videos look like, what style of training is it, how hard are the workouts...and many other questions answered. I will give you a complete overview of what to expect.


Workout Of The Week

So now you know what to expect from me and Active-Rest. In this final section you will experience the final part of the puzzle. These workouts are Bodyweight Only so no equipment needed. Give it a try and get a taste for Active-Rest Workouts.


Try and create some time to watch the video when you won't be distracted. Book it in your diary. Hopefully you can actually get involved with the workout and give it 100%.

50 Minutes

Schedule 50 minutes for the full introduction including the workout.


The Full Body Workout will be Bodyweight Only and will be approx 30 minutes in length. You do not need any equipment.


Jeremy Gumbley

Infl8tive Structures

The style of training and how all the information is structured really maximises your chances of success. Richard clearly enjoys what he does and this passion creates a positive and successful environment.

A Note From Richard...

The 3 Elements to a Healthy Life

"Physical Fitness, Optimum Nutrition and Increased Well-being..."

This 'triangle of health' forms the backbone of a happy and healthy life.

Over the last 20 years I have learnt all the most important elements to living a happy and healthy life. I can now use these life lessons to impact as many lives a possible. I promise to do everything I can to get you to where you want to be. Having a healthy body is no good if you have a unhealthy mind and vice-versa. 

The body and mind is a finely balanced machine so give it the attention it deserves and you deserve.

Discover everything about Active-Rest and try the

'Workout Of The Week'