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What's inside this toolkit?

You will learn the following

What is HIIT and how can it help me achieve my goals?

What is Optimum Nutrition and how can it improve my life? 

Mindfulness and Meditation - What is it and how can it impact my life?

  • Understand the Power of High Intensity Training and how Active-Rest will deliver this to you on a daily basis. Also understand the amazing health benefits from High Intensity Interval Training.  
  • Achieving Optimum Nutrition is so important if we want to live happy and healthy lives. Receiving the right education is so important when it comes to what to eat so we will start with the basics.
  • We have the training. We have the nutrition. Now we need to think about our mental fitness. Mindfulness and Meditation Training is so important in this fast paced world. It can literally be Life Changing.  

Liz Gumbley

IT Service Desk Manager

If you have fitness goals and struggling to achieve them on your own then Richard East and Active-Rest is the perfect place to start. With personalised training sessions and nutritional advice it won’t be long before those goals become actual results. A highly recommended personal trainer....

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A note from Richard...

I've spent the last 20 years of my life living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. 

I have tried every kind of diet and training technique. This enables me to be in the unique position of offering to my clients what works and will give them the results they deserve. 

This is all based around three key elements. Physical Fitness, Optimum Nutrition and Mindfulness.

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