Tips for Staying Calm with Stress

Stress is something that virtually everyone has to deal with to some extent. While it is a natural part of life, it is good to know ways to handle that stress and reduce it in some way. There are a few tried and tested tips that anyone can use to help lower the stress levels over time.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol do nothing to help lower the level of stress that one carries around with them. In fact, they may only contribute to it even more. Instead, it is a good idea to drink water to keep the body hydrated. Your body will feel better, and you will not have to deal with the side effects of alcohol and caffeine.
I have to admit though in my case I do find it hard to give up coffee. I drink very little alcohol but I do drink a lot of coffee. I love a black coffee and probably drink 3-4 strong cups a day. If you suffer from stress or anxiety its about managing your intake. If you feel like it affects your stress levels then try and cut back or maybe try drinking decaf coffee.
If it’s alcohol then again maybe try and either drink slightly less or drink non-alcoholic beverages.
Giving up or reducing anything we enjoy is difficult but possible.

I would also say that it also depends on what you associate the action with. If you associate coffee/caffeine with that stress induced coffee break just to get away from your desk or to try and drown your sorrows in that pint of beer then again this would not be healthy.

But if you love a cup of fresh brewed coffee and you associate this action with reading a great book or shutting your eyes and taking some peaceful time out then surely this can only benefit you?

These are just my views.

Start Exercising More

We all require a little push in the right direction towards exercise from time to time. It is not the easiest thing in the world to hop out of bed and right into exercising. That being said, your body will reward you for exercising.

When you are stressed out, your body starts to overload itself with stress hormones such as adrenaline. You have to find a way to burn off those chemicals, and the only way to do that is to exercise.

Exercise has always been my go-to stress release. For me it is gym work. I have turned to the gym since I was 17 years old for my place of solace. Find that place for you. The gym, running, swimming or any other form of fitness or sport.
The power of exercise, when it comes to stress or anxiety release, is incredible.

Get More Sleep

We all live busy lives these days, but there is no excuse for not getting enough sleep. When it comes to sleep, it is about both quantity and quality. Both elements will be necessary for someone to enjoy the full benefits of a better sleep life. Better sleep leads to less stress overall for a person. This is because a well-rested body is better able to deal with the levels of stress that comes its way.

Try Some Relaxation Techniques

There are a few techniques that you might try if other things are not helping you with those stress levels. This includes deep breathing exercises, stretching exercises, and even guided visualization exercises. Each individual finds their own unique benefits to the various techniques. Some prefer some of these techniques over the others. At the end of the day, trial and error is necessary to find just the right techniques to use.

I personally prefer breathing and visualisation exercises to relax. If you allow yourself to try these techniques you may well discover the powerful benefits that are available.

Write Down When You Feel Stressed

Sometimes we do not know what the source of our stress is. Writing down what is causing you stress every time it comes up can help you recognize some of your own patterns over time. You may be blinded to what is stressing you out at the moment, but writing it all down will help narrow down the list of possible sources of your stress are. Think of that and consider taking notes every time you feel stressed.

See my blog post about ‘Journaling to Relieve Stress’ for more details.