The Active-Rest Olympic Challenge

Richard East

Over the last 3 days I have done at least a 5km run each evening. Running along the ocean front path at around 2200 at night is very enjoyable with the moon shimmering on the water and the slight breeze off the sea.

Last night whilst running I thought to myself…”Why don’t I do this every night until the end of the Olympics…?”.

Trouble is once I suggest a challenge to myself I generally have to do it otherwise I am just letting myself down.

So here lies the Olympic Challenge.

The Closing Ceremony is on the 8th August. We have X amount of days (depending on when you read this) until the end.

I am going to do a 5km run everyday until 8th August. That will be 18 days in total for me.

This challenge is about picking an achievable distance but making it a challenge at the same time. It can be walking or running depending on your fitness levels.

You will complete at least this distance every day until 8th August.

It is as simple as that. Each day it would be fun if you can share your ‘activity’ in the form of a picture of you or maybe a picture of your smart watch with the activity completed. Anything like this.

The main purpose of this is to see the importance of consistency. It is setting a goal and achieving it. Consistency is the key to almost everything we do. Not many things happen instantly, normally we have to work hard at it and remain consistent.

So set aside some time in your day everyday until 8th August and make it a priority.

The hashtag for this is #activerestolympicspirit so if you do post anything then use this tag if possible.

Otherwise you can just send me a message via any DM service or an email. Whatever is easiest for you if you would like to share your activities and progress.

Hopefully I can get as many of you as possible involved. A great way of ensuring success is to have a friend join you. Having that person to be accountable to is paramount and you can push each other on the days when you don’t feel like doing it or have had a hard day at work.

Use the Olympic Spirit as a driving force.

Whatever is happening in your life Fitness is ALWAYS the cure.

Let’s get going…

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