Peanut Butter Protein Balls

I started making these last year at the beginning of lockdown and still regularly make them now.

Everyone likes a little treat during the day especially in the afternoon when I hear the coffee machine calling my name!!

You then have to make a choice. Do you;

  1. Have something that doesn’t quite hit the spot and leaves you wanting more.
  2. Try and fight the urge
  3. Have whatever you fancy from the vending machine
  4. Be prepared and have something ready to go

The most sensible answer is 4. To be prepared for your day is the best habit to get into. The fact is we are creatures of habit. We know that we are going to get peckish, especially in the afternoon time. We may be a bit low on energy. If we get to this point in our day and have nothing ready then our already weakened mindset might allow us to just grab anything in order to find that little pick me up.

This would often be a high sugar snack so yes we get that instant kick but as fast as it has come it will drop off and we will crash back into that slump.

However if you accept the fact that it is going to happen and get ready for it then something like an Energy Ball or Protein Ball is perfect.

So easy to make. Often cold rolled and normally a good combination of healthy ingredients containing things such as oats, flax seeds, chia seeds, honey, peanut butter.

They are great at providing sustained energy. Dealing with that craving for something sweet and keeping you tied over until your next meal without snacking on unhealthy sugary snacks.

So here is the recipe that I have been using. There are lots of different recipes but this one is simple, tasty and quick to make.

It makes 15 balls so once you have made them pop them in the fridge to keep them fresh.