The 2 different membership levels offer fantastic value for money and ensure you get exactly what you need in order to progress and succeed. Let's take a closer look at each membership in detail.

Complete Membership

Complete Membership takes care of all your fitness needs. Unlimited is the key word. 

  • UNLIMITED Workout Videos
  • UNLIMITED Live! Sessions
  • UNLIMITED Recipes
  • UNLIMITED Resources
Complete Membership really offers amazing value for money. 

  • You have 5 Live! Sessions per week which will really put you through your paces and offer a fantastic, and unique, opportunity to train with an instructor 5 times a week ensuring progress and sustained motivation. 
  • Then there is the invaluable access to 100's of hours of on-demand workouts to watch whenever suits your schedule. The workouts cover Beginner, Moderate and Advanced as well as including the Quick Workouts which are a selection of short and sharp workouts hitting specific body parts such as Abs and Glutes or types of training such as HIIT and TABATA. New videos get added to daily. 
  • On top of this you have access to ALL of my Recipes and ALL Resources. Workout 'how-to' videos, Lifestyle Articles, Educational Courses and more resources being added regularly. 
  • You will also have access to Habit Coaching. This is a tool that really helps you create healthier daily habits through education and repetition. Daily reminders and actions will be sent to you to ensure your success in that particular habit.
  • Opportunity for all Complete Members to book a 15 minute call, via zoom or phone, to chat about anything you wish. Any problems that you are facing training wise or nutrition. Also any questions around mindfulness and mental health. The time is yours to pick my brains about any subject you wish in order to help you with your progress.

It really is a fantastic offering and provides you a complete solution to your problems.

14 Day Trial £1

£49 Per Month Thereafter

Cancel Anytime

Basic Membership

The Essentials


  • 'Basic Membership' offers you access to all Beginner Workouts and Quick Workouts. The Beginner Workouts are up to 30 minutes in length and will offer a great base to get started with bodyweight training.
  • To build from here you could then incorporate any of the 100 plus Quick Workouts which are formed of Abs, Glutes, HIIT and TABATA Workouts. They range from 4 minutes all the way to 40 plus minutes so you have plenty of content to get started with. 
  • You have full access to 100's of Exclusive Recipes as well as Meal Planning Software so you can save all your favourite recipes and then build your own bespoke weekly planner.
  • Helpful Resources including Exercise 'how-to' videos, Recipe Videos, Lifestyle Articles as well as new resources being added regularly.
  • Access to Educational Content so you can increase your knowledge on health and fitness. 
  • (Online) Private Portal
  • Trackable Progress via 'My Dashboard'

£19 Per Month

Cancel Anytime


I hope you have enjoyed finding out about what Active-Rest offers and I do hope that you feel there is a membership for you.

I have built a membership offering that I think offers fantastic content and it is something that I will be adding to all the time and trying to make better and better. 

I am striving to offer something that no one else offers and in a way that WOW's my clients and members. 

If you would like to get started with a Full Membership then click the appropriate link above and let's get started.

I am a firm believer in 'taking action'. It is the only way things get done.

I look forward to seeing you inside very soon as Full Members.