Live A Mindful Life

When we find ourselves feeling negative or anxious or just lonely it is so important to look at different coping mechanisms. One of these mechanisms that many people do not use often enough is mindfulness.

With mindfulness, you can learn how to let the unnecessary stresses go, and live in the moment. It allows you to really appreciate every moment you are given and finally enjoy yourself again.

What is Mindfulness?

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. Mindfulness is simply the act of focusing on the present moment you are in. You take out the judgment, regret, or guilt, and simply accept what is. The more you can be mindful during the day the more grateful and stress-free you become. 

Ways Mindfulness Can Help You

Being more mindful allows you to stay present and just enjoy the simple daily moments that would ordinarily pass you by. 

You learn to accept the moment. Every moment you live is a gift. Sure, it might not always be what you expect but it isn’t about being perfect. It is about enjoying yourself, being with family and friends, and having more gratitude for what you have in your life.

Mindfulness helps you slow down. Taking a pause through mindfulness is one of the best things you can do to stay present in your day. It may only be for a brief moment but we spend so much of our time rushing from one thing to another. Checking things off our to-do-list or worrying about events that have happened or are going to happen.

How to Stay Present

Practice Beforehand

This doesn’t require anything more than just sitting quietly and focusing on whatever you are doing at that time. It might mean being quiet during a meal, sitting in your bedroom at night and pondering how you feel at that time, or being mindful while taking a walk. As we have discussed being out in nature and re-connecting with the real world around us can be so relaxing and therapeutic.

Release Judgment

A very big part of mindfulness is letting go of judgment and guilt. This is not just releasing judgment on others, but yourself, and the situations you find yourself in. Stop worrying about everything that we worry about. This could be different for everyone but it may be about ourselves or maybe about a particular situation. These thought patterns are negative and going to make it very difficult to be mindful and appreciate the present moment.

Have Mindful Meals

During your meals, shut off all distractions. This means no phone, no TV, and no music. Sit quietly and think about how you feel right then, during your meal. Focus on the flavours, the colours, the textures of what you are eating. Consider how you are feeling.

Eat without judgment, guilt, or any other emotions that doesn’t add to the satisfaction of that meal.

Take a Pause

Being mindful is nothing more than taking a pause. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what you should have done, what you still have to do, what is or isn’t perfect. When you find your mind wandering instead of enjoying time with family or friends or whilst enjoying some alone time, just take a pause. Sit for a few minutes alone in the quiet and bring yourself back to this moment.

Mindfulness can be so helpful in all sorts of situations. As you get used to being mindful you can also start to incorporate different breathing techniques and meditations. These can be used together so effectively to help deal with stress, anxiety and mental health conditions.

The mind is so powerful and trying to take back control can be the first step in healing ourselves from the inside out.