Hotel Core Workout – No Excuses

Richard East

No matter where you find yourself there are no excuses not to train in some shape or form. If you travel about and find yourself stuck in hotel rooms then being prepared and having a plan is important.

You may even need to order some equipment to arrive at your hotel or place you are staying but if you can’t then don’t let that stop you. For instance you may want to get a exercise mat but if you can’t then just use some towels instead.

In fact towels themselves can actually be a useful training aid. We can cover that properly another day.

So here is a short Core Workout that I did recently whilst held up in a hotel room in Tokyo. It is on a 30/10 timing and it has the name of the exercises plus the timing clock.

The session is 9 minutes in length. I hope you give it a try and enjoy the core workout.

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