Has Your health and fitness been Neglected?

I'm here to Improve Your Physical And Mental

Health, Using Proven Methods, All Delivered In A Unique Online Training Space With A Personal Touch

I'm here to improve your physical and mental health, using proven methods, all delivered in a unique online training space with a personal touch

This is a lifestyle overhaul and requires commitment

this is a lifestyle overhaul, that requires commitment, and is designed with you in mind 

are you Committed?

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Try out a Full Workout and see how a session feels. You don't need any equipment as all exercises are Bodyweight Only. Hope you enjoy the session.

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The 14 Day Experience gives you FULL ACCESS to Active-Rest for 14 Days for £1. It is a great opportunity to try out all the fantastic features on offer.

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Discover the Health and Well-being Blog 

Discover my latest content to start feeling your absolute best both physically and mentally. Educate yourself on how to increase your state of well-being.

A simple ‘go-to’ stir-fry dish that is low carb and high protein. Get some easy recipes in your back pocket for those busy days.

Garlic Mushroom and Chicken Stir-Fry

One of my first Advanced Sessions in my new space. Looking shiny and new come and try it out. I don’t often release the Advanced Workouts. Grab it whilst it’s hot…!!!

The New Workout Space

Friends and Clients often ask me about what I eat and what they should eat. Whilst the answer to this can be quite complex depending on goals and likes and dislikes the simple truth is that ‘diets’ per-say do not need to be overcomplicated.

The Mediterranean Diet

The one thing that we are all in control of are our choices. Some are harder than others but we can always choose what we want to do and what we actually do. Make the right choice and stick to it.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Hey...I'm Richard,

I am the owner of Active-Rest and hope you get great value in looking around my site. Please take a look at my Blog which I update regularly with lots of healthy information and education pieces. I also upload recipes which you can take away and use. You should find lots of great ideas on how to increase your well-being. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you with your fitness goals.

It's great to see you on my site and investing time to improve your day to day well-being.

Here is a short intro video from me explaining why I started

Active-Rest and my reason for being a Personal Trainer.


Active-rest went beyond my expectations and I feel happier and healthier and  stronger definitely. I think Active-Rest has it all covered...

My journey with Active-Rest has been fantastic. For me, the whole approach has been an eye opener. Not only are the sessions innovative and fun but there is real support form Richard to also focus on whole health, mind and body. I wanted to achieve strength to support other activities like horse riding and yoga. Active-rest went beyond my expectations and I feel happier and healthier and stronger definitely. I think Active-Rest has it all covered. The journey to a healthier way of life is not easy and I have struggled, especially during these uncertain times, thankfully I started with Active-Rest on their intensive course last January and, although very hard, the transformation has been amazing both physically and mentally. I can not thank Richard enough for his dedication, his workout innovations, and patience. He has given me the physical and mental strength to achieve anything. Thank you

Justine Belcher

Due to the current situation I decided to sign up to Active-Rests Daily Live! Sessions. The results have been amazing...

I usually train for triathlons and do a lot of swim, bike and run training prior to the triathlon season. Due to the current situation I decided to sign up to Active-Rests Daily Live! Sessions. The results have been amazing. I have never felt stronger and have seen a big visual difference also. Thank you so much...I feel fantastic

Jeremy Gumbley - Product Trainer

The most important aspect for me is the fact that Richard is passionate about what he does, he trains with us, never just giving a count...

I have been joining Richard’s classes since the first lockdown. My initial aim was to get fitter as I sit in front of screens all day. As it happens I have not just reduced my resting heart rate and feel fitter, I have gone down a couple of belt holes. This for me is a bonus. The sessions are perfect for me, they never get any easier and there is so much variety they don’t get boring. The fact that you don’t need any equipment, apart from a chair occasionally, is perfect for me. Finally the most important aspect for me is the fact that Richard is passionate about what he does, he trains with us, never just giving a count.

Kym Watson - Professional Trader

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High Intensity Workout Video's designed to get those calories burning and your heart pumping. 


Nutrition Advise and recipes designed to help you build new healthier habits.

Habit Coaching and Education

Create healthier habits and learn ways to live a cleaner lifestyle. Learn how to be more mindful day to day. 

Accountability Programme

Regular check-ins and monthly online face to face meetings will ensure accountability in both directions.