Herbs That Help with Stress

Stress can be toxic to the body. But one of the best ways to naturally alleviate stress is by using herbs. Here are a few herbs that help with stress:


Lavender is one of the most commonly used herbs for relaxation. It can be used as a tea or diffused as an oil. Some research suggests that it works best when you diffuse it, and lavender has similar effects as the prescription anti-anxiety medication lorazepam.


Passionflower has many natural relaxation properties. It works as a sedative, and many people use it as a sleep-aid. Passionflower is delicious as a tea. And its bright, flowery aroma can instantly improve your mood.


Known for its gentle sedative effect, chamomile is a popular herb for stress relief. Drink it as a tea before bed and feel its calming effect improve your bedtime routine.


Kava is a Polynesian plant that is known as an ingredient in a calming brew. The roots of the kava plant are brewed into a beverage that is said to relieve stress and anxiety. In some areas of Polynesia, this drink is enjoyed in place of alcohol.


Ginseng is considered an “adaptogen herb” and can help build up the body’s immunity to stress. There are several types of ginseng. Asian ginseng is said to be best, but red ginseng has significant antioxidants that lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Liquorice Root

Like ginseng, liquorice root can boost the immune system to help protect the body from the effects of stress. If you have issues with blood pressure, you should consult a health professional to help you monitor your use of liquorice root.


Rhodiola can revive your body after a period of stress. It has been found to improve healthy habits, relieve anxiety, and some people believe it has anti-aging properties.

Holy Basil

Common in Indian culture, Holy Basil is said to help people through stress. If you’re experiencing a stressful time, you may want to try Holy Basil for restoration. Many people believe that Holy Basil has a balancing effect on the spirit.

Finding the right herb to reduce your stress levels may be a practice of trial and error. If you routinely find yourself in stressful situations, developing a herb ritual for stress relief may be a good idea. Try winding down with a lavender or chamomile tea before bed. Incorporate ginseng and golden root into your regular herb consumption. Or try an oil diffuser to spread stress-reducing scents throughout your home.