Full Body TABATA Series – Part 1 of 10

Here is Part 1 of the Full Body TABATA Series.

8 Rounds – 20 Seconds Work – 10 Seconds Rest

Exercises –

  1. Burpees

Workout Time – 4 Minutes

Okay yes it is Burpees. They may not be everyones favourites….BUT….they are a great Full Body Exercise.

This is why they are quite hard. They use just about every main muscle in the body so therefore get very tiring.

You can do these in different ways depending on your ability.

  1. Step Burpees no press up
  2. Step Burpees with press up
  3. Full Burpees no press up
  4. Full Burpees with press up

Use the ‘TABATA Series’ Tab to find the full Series.