Full Body Resistance Session

Here is the second article I have done on Resistance Band Training. The first one was instructional whereas this one simply shows you the exercises.

If you are going to do the workout I would suggest you watch each exercise and as you do press pause and do 3-4 Sets of 12-15 Reps on that exercise then move on to the next exercise.

In between each set give yourself 45 seconds rest.

This would be a great Full Body Workout and then at the end there is a led Core Session to finish.

Training with Resistance Bands is a great addition to your training regime. It goes very well with Body weight Training and requires very limited equipment.

In my last post I did a recommendation for Resistance Bands and these were the loop kind. This time I will recommend Resistance Bands in the traditional sense with detachable handles and also a door attachment.

The bands that I use, and I have found very useful, are below. I thoroughly recommend them for home use.

The FitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands Set

Follow my directions above, with regards the Sets and Reps and Rest Periods, but also feel free to get creative. One of the great things, that I have mentioned before, is that training with Resistance Bands is very safe and as long as you follow the basics of training safely and ensuring correct technique then it is unlikely that injuries will occur.

Here is the video. I hope you enjoy the session and give all the exercises a go. Don’t forget at the end there is a led Core Session to finish. Enjoy…

Also check out my first video as well if you haven’t seen it already. Simply click ‘Training Education’ to see all education videos.