Do You Suffer From Procrastination?

What Is Procrastination?

Using a myriad of excuses for not exercising and allowing your mind to take control of the outcome. That outcome is usually not doing the ‘thing’ you planned to do. When this happens for too many days in a row you condition yourself, and your mind, that it’s okay to not do that ‘thing’. The ‘thing’ could be a workout or eating certain foods or taking 10 minutes to practice mindfulness or meditation.

What Can You Do To Stop Procrastination?

Notice It When It Is Happening –

Be conscious to these thoughts. If you know they are happening then you can begin to try and combat them and change them to positive ones. If you have a negative thought that starts to suggest you don’t do something you had planned then say out loud to yourself ‘procrastination’ and attempt to get the ‘thing’ done anyway.

Nothing Is Perfect –

Nothing has to be perfect. Not every session has to feel amazing, not every meal has to be perfectly balanced, not every meditation has to be without interuption. Life happens around us and to us everyday and sometimes things don’t go to plan but that doesn’t mean we don’t try. We stick to our plan and do something.

Start Small And Grow –

We need to change our habits and lifestyle slowly. We take on small changes and implement them one at a time so that we can monitor and be aware if we break them. This is the best way to ensure success. Small changes over time. We want to make this new routine part of our life and not just a fad or passing craze.

Be Accountable –

Be accountable to yourself and to others. Tell people what you are planning to do so that if you don’t do it they can hold you accountable and question you. Look at yourself in the mirror each evening and ask yourself if you did/achieved everything that day you planned to. If not then why not?

Set Reminders –

Sometimes our busy lives can take over and we forget to do things we planned to do. This could be unconscious procrastination at work or just an honest mistake but if we set alarms, schedule items in our calendar or make physical notes and stick them to the fridge door then maybe we will be reminded.

Be Consistent –

Try and make these new actions we want to take consistent. Physical Training, Nutrition or Mindfulness can all be built into our day in a consistent manner. We are then more likely to achieve what we set out to achieve. Train at the same time each day, prepare meals, dedicate time to Mindfulness at the same time each day.

These are just a few things you can do to help deal with Procrastination.

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