Colyn's Story

Read Colyn's Story Here and See his Progress

Trainers Note

I wanted to share the recent journey of one of my clients. They have achieved a fantastic result over the last 15 months. 

The key to losing weight, and keeping it off, is to do it gradually. By concentrating on Daily Habits and changing any bad habits for better ones we can slowly effect long term change.

Colyn joined Active-Rest in October 2019 and saw me face to face for some sessions as well as discussions about diet and general daily routines. He made changes to his every day habits and worked hard sticking to a plan. 

By following a plan, achieving targets and staying consistent he achieved his goals and is continuing to see improvements.

See below his journey in both Numbers and also his own account of the last 15 months. 

Read Colyn's Story Here and See his Progress

November 2019

November 2019

October 2020

January 2021

I have been going to the gym for years to try keeping fit, strong and healthy.   I would normally do weights and some cardio at the gym and I tried looking after myself by watching what I eat.  I classed myself as a fairly fit and an active individual who plays a number of sports and horse rides.  

When we went into lockdown the gyms shut so I was unable to do any training at the gym and was finding it hard to motivate myself to do any kind of fitness.  

I then discovered Richard East, a Personal Trainer, at Active-Rest who was doing online live sessions every day for an hour doing just body weight exercises.  I started doing some of the online live sessions and soon found out I was burning about 700 calories each time! 

At the beginning I struggled doing some of the exercises but Richard took this into account and showed ways of adapting the exercises so that everyone gets the most out of each workout.  When I started doing the workouts I really struggled doing burpees as I found them hard to do but the more I did them the easier they have become and I am now able to do more than I ever could. This can be also said for other exercises such as jumping jacks, lunges and mountain climbers.  

I couldn’t believe how many calories I was burning and I continued doing the online live sessions and some on demand sessions if I was unable to make the live ones. Each session was different, really well thought out and made you work hard.  The more sessions I did the more I enjoyed doing them, could see and feel the benefits and wanted to keep doing them. 

At the end of 2019 I weighed 78kg and when I weighed myself in May 2020 I was 76.3 kg.  By June 2020 I weighed 74.6kg which was the lightest I had been since my twenties and I could see a transformation in my body.  I feel fitter and stronger than I have done in years, I have been able to stay injury free and feel more flexible and mentally stronger which is all down to the workouts and the motivation Richard has given me.  

Richard has also given me great advice about nutrition and well-being which has all helped towards me losing weight and being the fittest I have been in years.  

I continue to discuss my fitness goals and nutrition with Richard who is always ready to help me improve and meet my goals.  

Richard is a very friendly and motived Personal Trainer who wants to help you meet your fitness and well-being goals and has got great ideas and advice to achieve this.  I would highly recommend using Richard and Active-Rest if you are looking to get into shape and stay fit and strong both physically and mentally.