What’s 4 minutes between friends?

A Cheeky TABATA is just 4 minutes of your day going towards something good. Good for you. It is a moment of pure selfish behaviour. Working on your health and your fitness.

Okay 4 minutes a day isn’t going to change your life but making positive change starts with the little things. Small gestures add up over time.

Maybe that one TABATA can become two or three. Suddenly that’s 12 minutes of working out. Next it’s a full Beginner Workout…and suddenly you are doing what maybe you never thought you would.

This is different for everyone. It could be running a 5km, 10km, half marathon or a marathon.

It could be cycling, swimming, triathlon or maybe trekking somewhere in the world achieving a life ambition.

Whatever it is this could all start from a Cheeky 4 Minute TABATA.

So have a go…do it twice. I dare you.

Then dig a little deeper into Active-Rest, and yourself, and try a few more.

(Just for info Cheeky is just something I like to call TABATA’s. I have no idea why. It is a bit like going for a Cheeky Beer….but more healthy).