Harness the Power of High-Intensity-Training and Take-Control of your Body

Feel the best you have ever felt, both physically and mentally, even if life's stresses and strains have taken their toll.


Do you find it hard to keep your body and mind healthy and focused

  •  Do you find yourself juggling a busy work schedule with a growing family and mounting responsibilities?
  • Have you stopped doing the hobbies you love because you just have not got the time or the energy? 
  • Do you long for some 'me' time but just don't know how or when to fit it in?

We spend our day to day lives dealing with the stresses and strains of modern day life. These build up and leave us lacking the time, focus and drive to overcome these difficulties.

You have probably tried joining the gym only to find you didn't have time to get there or the drive to keep going.

That's why we approach Health and Well-being differently at Active-Rest 

I have spent the last 20 years learning how to use fitness and nutrition to ensure I live a happy and healthy life whilst maintaining a high level of well-being.

I hear so many stories of people that have tried different diets and training routines that have been given to them by 'experts' only to fail and get nowhere near their goals. This is normally due to:  

  • Social Media fitness celebrities endorsing products for financial gain which have little to no real world benefit.
  • Various different diets that promise fast results that do not actually address your lifestyle choices so bad habits always return.
  • A drop in motivation and no one to hold us accountable for our actions, or lack of. Motivation itself is a goal killer. We need drive and to know our 'why' to achieve greatness.  

Thankfully Active-Rest is here to help and offer the service and results you deserve... 

Introducing the Online   Active-Rest Training Space

We offer you the complete structure and accountability that you need to succeed.

Through a series of online Daily High Intensity Videos, carefully formulated Recipes to suit all tastes and requirements, daily emails containing Physical and Mental fitness advice and accountability built in throughout via personal check ins and monthly (online) face to face meetings you can be assured that this is a 'one-stop-shop' approach to 'Fighting Back' against your daily battles.

There is also access to Active-Rest Courses covering a whole host of different topics all based around The 3 Elements of fitness.

Here’s What You Will Get

The Active-Rest Training Space will be your bespoke fitness portal designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This will be delivered in various ways but will all be based around helping you achieve a better state of well-being and improving your physical and mental fitness. 

Video Training

High Intensity Workout Video's, available On Demand, designed to get those calories burning and your heart pumping. 

Recipes and Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Advise and recipes designed to help you build new healthier habits.

Habit Coaching and Education 

Create healthier habits and learn ways to live a cleaner lifestyle. Learn how to be more mindful day to day.

Accountability Programme

Regular check-ins and monthly online face to face meetings will ensure accountability in both directions. 

What are clients saying?


Product/Sales Trainer

"I feel fantastic..."

"I usually train for triathlons and do a lot of swim, bike and run training prior to the triathlon season. Due to the current situation I decided to sign up to Active-Rests daily Live! Sessions. The results have been amazing. I have never felt stronger and have seen a big visual difference also. Thank you so much...I feel fantastic"...


IT Service Manager

"Goals become actual results..."

"If you have fitness goals and struggling to achieve them on your own then Richard East and Active-Rest is the perfect place to start. With personalised training sessions and nutritional advice it won’t be long before those goals become actual results. A highly recommended personal trainer"....


Civilian Investigator

"Sessions are tough but enjoyable..."

     "If you want to get fit, strong and healthy then I would highly recommend Active-Rest. Richard is a very friendly and motivated Personal Trainer and makes the one on one PT Sessions tough but enjoyable.

I have discussed my fitness goals with Richard and he has come up with a workout and nutrition plan to meet these which I am very pleased with"...

What can you expect?


Video Training including Live! Option

This will form the main part of your training. Daily High Intensity Training Videos available 24/7 On Demand. They will all be Bodyweight Only so no need to have any equipment at all. These video workouts will test you and will be the foundation to changing your physical and mental health.

I also offer Live! Sessions in conjunction with the above videos and these are included in the Complete and Elite Memberships. Guests can also sign up to a Live! Session on a Pay As You Go basis.


Recipes and Nutrition Advice

Through education on how to change your lifestyle combined with 100's of Exclusive Recipes for every taste we will get you eating better and feeling great. At Active-Rest we prefer the idea of Habit Coaching because you are more likely to succeed if you alter your habits than just stick to a plan for a short period of time.


Daily Habit Coaching and Education Emails 

I want you to immerse yourself in Health and Fitness. Then ideally, through the education you receive, you learn new habits and continue making healthier choices. To me this includes living a mindful life. To be aware of your surroundings and begin to appreciate the simple things in life. We want to work on our physical health but we also have to work on our mental health and we can do this through mindfulness exercises.


Accountability Programme

We discussed this earlier and pointed out just how important accountability is to success. In order to ensure accountability we will have regular check-ins and also monthly online face to face meetings via Zoom (Elite Members). These will help ensure you stay on track and can also ask any questions you may have.  

The cherry on top

Now it’s Bonus time!

Included in your membership you will also gain access to over 200 private Exercise Videos showing how to do each exercise in both written and video format. You will also, as part of your daily educational material, receive Motivational Videos that I have utilised over the years and still do on a daily basis. I will also share my passion for Mindfulness and Meditation and show you just how beneficial they can be. 

Bonus 1
Exercise Video Library

Access to 200 plus Exercise Videos showing and explaining in detail each move stage by stage. 

This offers you a go-to place to find support on any moves you don't know or even to put together a small session for yourself if you want to.

The most important thing with physical training is technique not only for safety but also to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Bonus 2
Daily Motivation

I'm not 100% convinced that Motivation is the best tool to succeed. Motivation comes and goes. Drive is more important and usually lasts a lot longer. 

With that in mind though short sharp bursts of Motivation to get us fired up can help enormously day to day and for many years I have used Motivational Speeches and Videos to fire me up.

Some people use Pre-Workout but I use Motivation like an instant pick me up.

Bonus 3
Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and Meditation is a tool that I have used for some years now. It's not all Yogi's and Gurus sitting on cliff edges and humming mantras. Although that does sound calming!!!

Mindfulness to me is just about using the moment to find calm and relaxation in any situation. We move at a 100mph in everything we do and Mindfulness is simply slowing down this process and being aware of each passing second. 

I will share my experiences and what has helped me over the years. 

Who is The Coach,
Richard East

Richard has been an avid health and fitness guru all of his adult life. He practices what he preaches day in day out and loves to impart his knowledge and educate people on the topic he loves. He takes great pride in the fact he has the ability to affect change in someones life through the power of health and fitness. In addition his passion for Nutrition and Mindfulness creates an almost holistic approach to physical and mental health and this creates a positive and healthy environment in which to learn and develop.

Richard loves to help people build a healthier and happier version of themselves. He understands that the stresses and strains of daily life can make progress difficult but he is here to make your goals a reality and get you to your destination as quickly as possible. He also believes that education and habit coaching is part of the key to success as this allows you to alter your lifestyle long term and have the right tools to succeed again and again. 

So what do people think about Richard?


Insurance Advisor

He is a brilliant trainer who cares for his clients wellbeing.

Having never been to gym before, at age 50 decided to take the plunge and had the best luck in meeting Richard. He is a brilliant trainer who cares for his clients wellbeing. He is taking me on a new journey to discover fitness.
I would highly recommend Richard for anyone starting out as he is focused on making sure that the technique is there to ensure that you get the most out of the time you spend with him.


Civilian Investigator

Richard is a very friendly and motivated 

Richard is a very friendly and motivated Personal Trainer and makes the one on one PT Sessions tough but enjoyable.


IT Service Manager

Richard helps you really achieve results

The workouts I have done with Active-Rest have really helped my fitness and I thank Richard for all his support.

I can’t recommend Active-Rest enough, Richard helps you really achieve results and achieve your own goals.

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Build Healthier Daily Habits Through Bespoke Programmes

Find an in-depth breakdown of each Membership here to help you make a decision and Get Started.

The sooner you get started the sooner you will start seeing results.

Product/Sales Trainer

I'm so glad I started following this programme

After signing up I started with the Live Sessions every morning straight away. I found them challenging but rewarding. The progress I have made has been fantastic and I now feel like I am possibly in the best shape I have ever been in. As of today I am 57 Live Sessions in and counting.



IT Service Manager

I have completely changed my lifestyle for the better

Since starting my membership I have not missed a session. I have seen great progress and it has inspired me to go out running everyday. I have completely changed my lifestyle for the better.


Civilian Investigator

My results have been amazing

I now weigh less than I have for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions and so far my results have been amazing. 

Our #1 priority here at Active-Rest is your happiness. Which means we stand by our product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs, no buts, no maybes. If you have a problem, or an issue, we will solve it. If no resolution can be found we will refund you. Whatever it takes. We want to provide great value for money and create life long customers. We want to do all we can to get you the results you deserve. We're here for you. Happiness Guaranteed.

A Personal Note

If you need help and direction to get to your goals then I want to be that help. By being accountable, and making small changes within your day to day life, you will soon be well on your way to success. 

Wether it's the Programmes or the Membership that appeals to you, either way, you will receive a 5 star product delivered in a personal and professional manner.

I look forward to helping you on your way to an improved state of well-being.

Richard East

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Equipment To Do The Sessions?

All Sessions, both Live and On-Demand, are done with NO EQUIPMENT. All you need is a mat for Abdominal Exercises. On rare occasions i may utilize a chair or table for an exercise like Tricep Dips or Step-Ups.

Will There Be A Warm Up Before A Session?

Before EVERY Session without fail we always do a Warm Up for approx 5-6 Minutes. If you have specific stretches you need to do for injuries or tightness then i would suggest you do these just before you start the session. Or if On-Demand just pause it and finish off any specific warm up moves required.

Will There Be A Cool Down After A Session?

The majority of sessions, both Live and On-Demand, have a 5-6 minute cooldown at the end. If there is not a cooldown then there is specific Cooldown Videos available as bonus content so simply finish the session and choose a cooldown video to finish.

Do I Need Previous Gym Experience To Take Part?

The Live Sessions are tough sessions but achievable by most people. The idea is to go at your own pace. 99% of the sessions are done with specific timings for this reason. You may have 30 seconds to do a certain exercise. You may get 10 done or you may get 20 done. It does not matter as everyone is different levels and abilities.

With the On-Demand videos you will see Live Sessions plus Modertae Sessions. These are adpated sessions to make them slightly easier but still a great workout that will push you each session. 

During the initial 14 Day Experience i will run you through different moves and exercises ensuring correct form and understanding. The Video Workouts will be aimed at getting you to a level that you can do a Live Session and not feel lost or out of place. 

If I Have Specific Problems Can I Contact You For Help?

Depending on your Membership Level you have different ways of contacting me but the short answer is YES. I will always be willing to help with any questions you may have around specific issues. It may be an old injury or issue you have had in the past. I try and offer adaptations on exercises during sessions for instance if you have a bad back or sore knees. 

Most exercises have easy adaptations that will allow you to still carry out that exercise.

Don't ever be worried about contacting me. I am here to help and make sure you get the most you can out of your Active-Rest Membership. 

Can I Do A Live Session At A Different Time?

ALL Live Sessions are recorded and placed online as a      On-Demand Video. It is basically exactly the same as doing a Live Session but you can do it whenever suits your schedule. 

Live Sessions are currently Monday to Friday at 10am. The Live Session is recorded and usually available the next day for On-Demand Viewing. 

There are currently, at time of writing this, over 110 hours of training videos available and this is going up daily so do not fear...there will always be lots of fresh and new workouts for you to try. 

There is a possibility that Live Session times may change going forward to suit more people but this will be done in consultation with everyone.

Still on the fence?

This is completely understandable and you need to be sure this is right for you. If you would like to speak to me then please book a call using link below. 

I can happily answer any questions that you may have.