Bootcamp Course – Day One

Over the last 6 Weeks you may have seen I have been offering a Live Session every day Monday to Friday as part of the Bootcamp Course.

30 Live Sessions have now come and gone and I hope lots of people have enjoyed the workouts.

You could also do the workouts On-Demand so it suited your schedule and I could certainly see lots of people making great use of this feature.

These workouts are still available, but only until end of the day Sunday 11th April. After this access will be stopped and this will become a Course in its own right.

Below you will find Workout One for you to try anytime. You may have already done it or maybe you missed the first one. Either way feel free to try the full workout below.

I have spoken to a few of the Bootcamp Members and they all enjoyed the sessions and commented on how varied they were. I enjoyed doing them and will miss my daily early morning workout!!!

Now I am just down to my members only sessions at 10am every day Monday to Friday.

So thanks again to everyone that joined in, wether you did 1 workout or 30. If you have any questions then please use the support link on my site or click here.

Here is Bootcamp Course – Day One.