Liz's Story

Read Liz's Story Here and See her Progress

Trainers Note

I wanted to share another journey of one of my clients. Liz has worked so hard over the last year that I felt compelled to share her story.

As I often say the key to success is being consistent and Liz has certainly been consistent. As of today Liz has completed 237 Live Workouts. She has not missed one workout since March last year. It is an amazing achievement and is the only person to boast this accolade, apart from me...!!

However the result of this, not surprisingly, is that it has impacted every part of her Physical and Mental Health as well as her nutrition. 

She feels stronger, fitter, healthier, happier both inside and out and is also eating better and really going from strength to strength.

See Liz's journey below along with her own words and thoughts. 


Live Sessions

Liz has completed EVERY Live Session so far....amazing....!!!! It is this dedication that has meant she is smashing targets and goals left right and centre. 


5km PB

Liz started with an average 5km time of 36 minutes consistently. She recently broke the 30 minute barrier which is a fantastic achievement. She is also now running 10km for fun...!!! 


Weight Loss

Liz wanted to hit a particular target and it is a weight that she has not seen for some years now. Due to her hard work and commitment she recently hit that target and is still losing weight heading towards new lows....

"What Liz has achieved is inspiring"

I have to say that the commitment Liz has shown to health and fitness over the last year is inspiring. Not just to me but to others as well. 

Not many people make a decision to try and get fitter and healthier and then end up becoming the fittest they have ever been and stick to it for as long as she has.

We talk about forming healthy habits and Liz has certainly done that. By staying 100% dedicated to her goal this is now her new way of life.

Well done for your amazing achievements and let's carry on and hit those next targets....whatever they may be.