AMRAP Training

This style of training can be intense. It allows you to really work at your own pace but it mentally makes you push hard because you don’t have a expectation of sets or reps simply a total time to work to so you end up pushing harder and harder.

For me I first came across As Many Reps As Possible or AMRAP through CrossFit. They often do workouts as AMRAP.

It is very simple. You basically pick an amount of exercises. it may be 2 or it may be 10. It could be bodyweight exercises or using weights, kettlebells, slam balls, ropes or any other style or piece of equipment.

You then set an amount of reps per exercises and give yourself a total work time.

In the example below this was at the end of a workout and I chose 4 Minutes for the AMRAP and 3 exercises. So you do 10 reps on each exercise and you just carry on non-stop for 4 minutes.

This sort of AMRAP is really a finisher at the end of a workout or maybe a cheeky High Intensity round during a workout.

If you were just going to an AMRAP and nothing else then you would more likely do a 20 minute plus AMRAP.

So feel free to do the below bodyweight only session. It is a 4 minute AMRAP doing 10 reps of;

  1. Jump Jacks
  2. Air Squats
  3. Push Ups