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Here’s What You Will Get

The Active-Rest Training Space will be your bespoke fitness portal designed to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This will be delivered in various ways but will all be based around helping you achieve a better state of well-being and improving your physical and mental fitness. 

Video Training

High Intensity Workout Video's designed to get those calories burning and your heart pumping available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Recipes and Nutrition Advice

Nutrition Advise and recipes designed to help you build new healthier habits.

Habit Coaching and Education 

Create healthier habits and learn ways to live a cleaner lifestyle. Learn how to be more mindful day to day.

Accountability Programme

Regular check-ins and monthly online face to face meetings will ensure accountability in both directions. 

What can you expect?


Video Training including Live! Option

This will form the main part of your training. Daily High Intensity Training Videos available directly from the Active-Rest Online space. You will have access to new video every morning. They will all be Bodyweight Only so no need to have any equipment at all. These video workouts will test you and will be the foundation to changing your physical and mental health.

I also offer Live! Sessions in conjunction with the above videos and these are included in the Complete Membership. 


Recipes and Nutrition Advice

Through education on how to change your lifestyle combined with 100's of Exclusive Recipes for every taste we will get you eating better and feeling great. At Active-Rest we prefer the idea of Habit Coaching because you are more likely to succeed if you alter your habits than just stick to a plan for a short period of time.


Daily Habit Coaching and Education Emails 

I want you to immerse yourself in Health and Fitness. Then ideally, through the education you receive, you learn new habits and continue making healthier choices. To me this includes living a mindful life. To be aware of your surroundings and begin to appreciate the simple things in life. We want to work on our physical health but we also have to work on our mental health and we can do this through mindfulness exercises.


Accountability Programme

We discussed this earlier and pointed out just how important accountability is to success. In order to ensure accountability we will have regular check-ins and also monthly online face to face meetings via Zoom (Complete Members). These will help ensure you stay on track and can also ask any questions you may have.  

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